Dog Clothing: Good or Bad

Dog Clothing: Good or Bad

Many pet owners believe that dog clothing is not only good for dogs, but clothes and accessories are a much needed necessity. Canine lovers will argue that dogs, just like people, need clothes to keep warm, for protection against atmospheric elements, and to help stay clean, which is attributed to good health.

Thanks to online boutiques, you can find a wide selection of attractive and functional dog jackets, rain coats, cooling jackets, hoodies, t-shirts, dresses, boots and sweaters. The styles and designs are so cute, colorful, and durable that it is easy to see that dog outfits serve a very important purpose.

It is likely that you already have an established opinion about whether dog clothing is good or bad, but for those who own canine companions, the facts speak for themselves. After speaking with several dog owners, listed for you are the most common reasons to purchase dog clothing for your four legged companion.


Dog clothing makes your pet even more adorable.


Although some people are skeptical about adorning their dogs with beautiful and functional clothing, most pet owners will agree that dog clothing provides a lot of much needed attention. By conducting a quick search on the internet, you will find that there is an endless supply of owners showing off their adorable dogs in a variety of lovely clothing choices. Why? Because they are absolutely and undeniably precocious and sweet! It is no surprise that people are suckers for well-dressed pooches, brimming with personality and style. People love beautiful things and dogs love approval, attention and love.


Dog clothing makes your pet easy to describe or spot in a crowd.

Because there are more than one hundred dog breeds, it is not uncommon to find that there are many other pets that look exactly like your beloved dog. Unless your pet has some very distinctive markings, you may not be able to tell him from other dogs at first glance. However, if your dog is wearing brightly colored clothing, your pet will stand out in a crowd and will likely be much easier for you to spot. In addition, many styles are leash and collar compatible, allowing dog clothes to serve yet another wonderful purpose.


Dog clothing protects your four legged companion from the cold.


Have you seen your dog shiver violently after exposure to low temperatures? If the answer is yes, then your dog may benefit from dog clothing which will help to chase the cold away. Decide which kinds of clothing will be of the greatest amount of help to your pooch by considering his breed, size and age.

Your dog should wear pet clothing for better health.

There are several breeds that benefit greatly from wearing dog clothes, as they help promote optimal heath. For the dog with allergies, a sweater or shirt will prevent the dog from scratching or traumatizing his skin and cut down on irritation. A dog shirt can also deter allergens, thus reducing some symptoms. Water resistant dog clothing, raincoats and rain shoes can help keep your pet clean and dry for better health.


Dog clothing is very practical and affordable.


Whether owners need dog outerwear, frilly dresses or even costumes, you can find many types and styles of dog clothing to suit the needs of your pet. Best of all, these options are not only decorative, but also practical and very affordable. The raincoats, life jackets and water resistant attire are the best examples of dog clothing that are practical choices. Wearing a raincoat or coat helps keep your dog dry and free from mud, which can also save money on grooming costs by reducing the amount of your dog’s exposure to rain, snow, dirt and other debris.

Dog clothing provides comfort to many breeds.

There are a small number of people who dislike the idea of dog clothing, but for many breeds, this is a source of warmth and comfort. When you choose the right clothing sizes, your dog will appreciate the soft and cozy feeling. Some breeds are more cold-natured than others, and the extra layer is well appreciated. There is also several short hair and hairless breeds that can benefit greatly from dog clothing.

Dog clothing adds much needed warmth and therapy to some breeds.


While it is true that dogs have hair that is genetically designed to protect them from extreme winter temperatures and cold atmospheric elements, your pet can also benefit from wearing comfortable dog clothing. There are a number of reasons that this layer may not always be enough, such as extreme geographic locations, hair and skin issues, older dogs with thinner coats, and young dogs that have yet to develop a full pelt. There are other health issues that may cause your pet to make dog clothing a necessity rather than just an option.

Dog clothing is usually easy to wash and care for.

When you are choosing dog clothing for your four legged friend, there are many styles, types and colors to choose from. Always purchase dog clothing from trusted sources and when the package arrives, make sure the buttons are firmly attached and everything fastens correctly to prevent choking hazards. Nearly all dog clothing is machine washable and can be put in the clothes dryer. However, to extend the life of your pet’s wardrobe, you can hang the outfits out to dry.

Dog clothing should fit your pet properly.


For your pet to benefit from dog clothing, you must make sure everything fits appropriately and is of good quality. To find the size that best suits your companion, measure from your dog’s collar to the base of the tail. Next, you will need to measure the circumference of the body at its largest point, which is usually the chest, located just behind the front legs. Knowing your dog’s actual weight will also help you to determine the correct size for your dog’s clothing needs.







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