Does a Dog Gets Ebola and is It Harmful for Human

Does a Dog Gets Ebola and is It Harmful for Human

Ebola is a viral disease that spreads through mucous, blood transfusion, sweat and other bodily fluids. It was recently seen to be a great threat for many people and animals around the world. According to the facts and figures around 4300 people died of the disease in Africa. There have been some cases which were reported that some dogs were also among the victims of this virus and could become the source to transmit the virus. However it has not been proved yet. On the other hand, it has not been reported yet that any dog could lose his life because of this virus.

The disease became a major concern a few months back when a woman’s dog was exterminated in Spain and it was found that the woman had Ebola virus. Although Medical science and researches has shown that dogs do not acquire the Ebola virus nor do they transmit it. However it is not yet confirmed as the study on the virus in dogs is still going on. Recently a nurse in the United States was infected by Ebola, her dog was taken for quarantine as it was suggested that the dog might become a carrier for the virus. Hence it was done just to save the life of the dog and the other animals around.

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Signs in Dogs

It was seen in earlier researches that dogs were one of the few animals that did not show any signs of Ebola even when the virus was entered in their body. It was seen that the dogs that had virus in them remained healthy as well. They neither exhibit any sign of this disease nor do they experience any health issue. However scientists say that it can be a deceiving sign on the part of immune system of dogs. They might not be able to show the signs of virus but they could carry it. However more research is required for this claim to be true. Another research says that dogs might be like fruits bats who are the biggest carrier of Ebola. These creatures also do not show the signs and symptoms of this virus but are able to carry it to others.

This debate has certainly put the people in worrying. As they are now afraid to get out of their homes and are more afraid to let their pets get out of homes. So it has been observed that people are more cautious and keep their pets at home most of the time. They are afraid that their dogs can get the virus if they got out of home. Media has been highlighting this issue from the past many months that has spread uncertainty among the pet owners. However there are no confirmed researches and results that speak of Ebola spreading through the immune system of dogs. But still the news regarding the above mentioned two ladies have made the people worried not only about themselves but also about their pets.

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The uncertainty increased many folds when the Spanish nurse got Ebola from treating a priest who had acquired the virus from Africa. He was quarantined as he was a threat for the virus to spread any further. The quarantine orders for nurse’s dog were also released that were changed later on. As it was appealed in court that the dog was not showing signs of the disease. However it is certainly confusing that how long the virus can stay in a dog’s body and how much time he should be kept in solitary. As getting mixed with other dogs or humans can be a cause of spread.

Many Vets and Doctors in the United States have stated that people do not have to be uncertain when they are with their dogs. The dogs are most unlikely to transfer the virus but prevention is the best cure in this stage. Hence it is advisable to keep an eye on your pets and try your best to keep them around you or don’t let them go away.

Symptoms of Ebola

The symptoms of Ebola includes high fever, headache in the first 5 to 7 days. Then the fever starts to rise and the person feels body pains and aches. The person can face bleeding through nose, ears and eyes as well in 7 to 9 days. The fever increases tremendously on the day 10-12. After that internal bleeding starts and rashes appear on body and skin. After all the patient is left with nothing so eventually he/she dies.

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Prevention from Disease

There are certain things to keep in mind to avoid this disease for yourself and for your pets too:

The disease can be prevented if the person does not go near the area of the outbreak. Also if you know about the affected area, then don’t let your dog go near that area too.
Keep washing hands again and again to avoid any issue
You must keep yourself away from animals except your dog as you know that he is not an infected one
The remains of a person who had Ebola or the alive person having Ebola should not be touched at all.
As this virus passes due to bodily fluids and direct contact of the virus thus the best prevention is to stay away from it.
If you know about some person who is infected by Ebola, don’t let your dog go near him/her
Keep your dog clean all the time to ensure his safety
Being careful must be taken positively but it does not mean that you should lock yourself and your dog inside your home. Keep taking your dog to park and keep up with your regular activities.

The dogs have never been tested for Ebola nor is there any case that claimed Ebola till date among the dogs except the above mentioned cases. However more researches are required to have enough information about the disease and to find a cure of this disease too.

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