Choosing a Bed for Your Dog

Choosing a Bed for Your Dog


No matter how much you love your dog, you may not want to share your bed with him. It is perfectly okay for your dog to sleep alone, but he really shouldn’t be sleeping on the cold, hard floor. As most owners know, an appropriate dog bed is both necessary and beneficial for your canine companion. Here are some reasons why dogs need beds for themselves.


Why does my dog need a dog bed?

Because dogs are very much like humans, they will often climb on beds and furniture, looking for comfortable places to relax or sleep. Just as your body is tired or hurting at the end of the day, your dag can also suffer from exhaustion, aches and even pain. As a responsible dog owner, it is important to create a designated place for your pet to unwind at the end of the day. Here are some of the benefits that having a dog bed will offer both you and your dog.


A dog bed provides a private space for your pet.
A dog bed provides a place where your dog can be the master of his domain. In his own private space, your dog also feels a sense of security, which will help him to let down his guard and unwind. When he is in a bad mood, this space also gives him somewhere to retreat.


A dog bed helps support your pet’s joints and bones.
If you have a senior, arthritic or overweight dog, an orthopedic bed can provide the extra support your dog needs, relieving the stress felt on his joints. Dog beds are also wonderful for thin and bony dogs that lack the padding needed to prevent pressure sores and calluses. Having a dog bed will help reduce your dog’s pain and discomfort, which also elevates his mood and allows him to get a better night’s rest.


Dog Beds help owners keep their homes clean.
You can control the spread of hair and dander by using a dog bed, concentrating most of the loss in one central location. Most dog beds are equipped with removable liners that can be machine washed, or offer two covers that make them convenient to clean. This is much easier than cleaning all of the furniture in your home with a hand roller or vacuum.


Dog beds help keep your furniture looking good.
When your dog is trying to find somewhere cozy to sleep, he might attempt to climb on your sofa or bed, scratch your furniture or dirty your carpets. However, if you provide a soft and comfortable place to nap, your dog will enjoy his own area rather than bother you or damage the furniture.


How do I choose a good dog bed?

You have probably noticed that your dog wants to sleep on your sofa, or climb up on your bed to relax or take a nap. This is a good indication that your dog needs a soft and cozy place to sleep, one that can easily accommodate the size of his body, including his legs. You should choose a dog bed for him, based on the following needs.


Choose a dog bed that can accommodate your pet’s entire body.
Before buying a bed, it is important to measure your dog’s body, adding several more inches, to ensure that he can stretch out and sleep comfortably. Otherwise, the bed will not support your dog’s body and he will not be willing to sleep in the dog bed. If he does choose to sleep on the bed, he may wake up with aches and pains he didn’t have the night before.


Choose a dog bed that will appeal to your pet.
Always consider your dog’s sleeping habits when choosing a dog bed for your canine companion. If your dog likes to rest with his head on a pillow or on the arm of a sofa, you should probably choose a bed with soft sides that will offer similar support for his head. If your dog likes to sleep with something covering his body, opt for a covered dog bed, which is wonderful for shy dogs who like to hide when company comes.


Choose a dog bed that is easy to clean.
A clean dog bed is important to keep your dog healthy and happy. Proper skin health requires clean surfaces for your dog, as bacteria cannot multiply in areas that are frequently cleaned. You may want to choose a bed with a recessed inner pillow, which is also reversible and washable. Frequent washings can also reduce pet hair and dander in your home.


Choose an affordable dog bed that is well made.
There are many dog beds available in all shapes, materials, colors, sizes and prices, making it possible for every dog owner to find a suitable bed. Purchase a dog bed from your local pet store or save some money by ordering an affordable one online.


Types of Dog Beds

There are many different types of dog beds available for your consideration. You should have no problem finding the type of dog bed that is best suited for your canine companion. Here are some of the most basic and common types of dog beds to consider.


Standard and Orthopedic Dog Beds


Standard dog beds are just like pillows which do not have edges or rims, and are great for almost all dog breeds. Most standard and orthopedic dog bed covers can be removed for washing. However, for senior dogs or very thin dogs, you may want to skip the standard bed and opt for an orthopedic dog bed instead.

The orthopedic dog bed is designed to cushion joints and provide support for your pet’s bones. Orthopedic dog beds also hold their shape longer and will not need to be replaced as quickly as standard dog beds. Orthopedic dog beds are slightly more expensive than the standard beds, but not significantly.


Outdoor and Travel Dog Beds


Outdoor dog beds offer comfort that is waterproof and more durable, appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use. These beds are thin and absorb less scent, and are great for use in the summer, as they are much cooler than other options. However, outdoor dog beds provide less cushioning for joints, making them less desirable for thin and elderly canines.

Travel dog beds are just like standard dog beds, designed for owners who like to travel with their dogs. This type of dog beds is easy to fold or roll up, and can save a lot of space when traveling. They are not recommended for regular use, as they are often much thinner and provide less support to accommodate the other features.


Cooled and Heated Dog Beds

In the summer time, in order to prevent your long haired or double coated dog breeds from suffering of heatstroke, a cooling dog bed is a great option. Water beds and gel dog beds are included in types of cooling dog beds. However, dogs can easily chew through these types of beds, or pull out the water tab. Owners have also noted that the bottom of a water bed may produce mold. If you do not have air conditioning or live in an area where summer temperatures soar, this can be a great option.

During the colder months, heated dog beds can be a great choice for owners who want to keep their pets warm and toasty. This type of dog bed will usually have an internal heating element that will need to be plugged into an electrical outlet. For an older canine or for one that is ill, the heated dog bed can provide warmth in low temperatures and soothe aching bodies.


Raised and Covered Dog Beds

Raised dog beds are dog beds which are raised off of the floor by wood, wicker, metal or plastic frames and legs. This helps by keeping a bit of distance between the cold, wet or hard floor and your canine companion. However, these beds may not be appropriate for dogs with orthopedic problems and breeds that are prone to back and hip problems. The raised dog bed is often aesthetic in appearance, providing character and personality to the room.

Covered dog beds are great for all types of dogs, especially for shy dogs who have not learned to be social, as these types of beds provide a small plush retreat. Covered dog beds are available in many cute and unique designs. Your small breed dog will feel like royalty, thanks to the comfort and sense of security this dog bed provides.


Where should I place the dog bed?


You will also consider where to place the dog bed once you have made a purchase based on the needs of your furry friend. It is important to choose a location where you frequently sit or pass by often, because your dog will want to be near you. You will soon find that a comfortable and well-chosen dog bed is your pet’s favorite place to spend time.

Take the time to find a high quality dog bed that meets all of your dog’s special needs and preferences. The dog bed is not only a place for your dog to rest, but also a way for you to show your dog that he is an important member of the family.

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