Career Opportunities for Those Who Love Dogs

Career Opportunities for Those Who Love Dogs

Dogs are man’s best friend and companion. People spend plenty of time with them and enjoy the excited company of these canines. You can also work with dogs for a living and it is not surprising that many dog lovers imagine having a career working with dogs. Having a career with dogs is best opportunity for dog lovers to spend as much time as they want with their favorite animal and also dogs become their source of living too. These jobs could be fun as well as rewarding. But don’t forget every job has its pros and cons as well. Given below are some of the careers related to dogs through which people can engage themselves in really fruitful activities.

Dog Seller or Dog Breeder

One of the most anticipated jobs will be becoming a dog seller or breeder. Have a pet store, online selling or advertise by any mean suitable for you. To become a successful dog breeder you should be dedicated to maintain the required standards of breeding. People who love dogs are always in search for good quality or unique dogs. You can provide them a platform to buy or sell their dogs. The investment could be high and profit may not serve generations. However you should have experience working with other breeders and have complete knowledge of dogs breed and specifications. Only then you’ll become a good and responsible breeder.

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Dog Trainer

To become a successful and expert dog trainer, you don’t require any specific knowledge or training course. You can become a dog trainer by simply being an apprentice under the supervision of some trainer in the beginning and of course by spending a lot of time with them. To become an effective trainer you should be fully capable of understanding different behaviors of various dogs. You must know how to tackle the dogs and should be able to make them to obey your commands. You can start from dealing with simple behavior problems and then expand it as your experience grows.

The important thing is to be comfortable around dogs and focus on specific problems. Also you have to be patient in order to teach commands to owners from basic to advance. Sometimes it’s hard to deal with owners who encourage misbehavior but more or less it’s your duty to train them.

Animal Behaviorist

An animal behaviorist study the way how different animals behave in certain situation and what are the factors that enforce these behaviors. You can become a behaviorist only after a postgraduate degree. Dog behaviorist is required whenever the relationship between dog and family is in trouble. The animal behaviorist comes in, observes the relationship and finds out the issues to correct trouble areas. These professionals work with pet owners to develop and design programs for their pets as a solution to prevent unwanted behavioral patterns of their dog.
This is a licensed veterinarian job and one has to pass rigorous requirements. This job is much like a job of psychologist as in this case dealing with dogs.

Dog trainer or behaviorist4
Dog Care Taker

Keeping dogs is a full time duty and dogs need caretakers. One who loves dogs and enjoy caring for them can become a pet sitter or dog walker. It could help you enjoy the company as well as become an extra source of income for you. Duties towards dogs include feeding, bathing, medicating, cleaning and walking. It could be anovernight duty but mostly it requires 2-3 times visit per day. Downside of the job could be unpredicted or less income and require a flexible availability schedule.

Boarding Kennels or Doggie Day Care

Another career for dog lovers is to work in dog’s day care center or in a boarding kennels. These jobs require no previous experience or training. The duties include supervising play activities for dogs staying at day cares and cleaning up after the dogs left. Kennels and day care can both function under same roof but kennels are usually a part of veterinary practices. It is the best way to spent time with healthy dogs. However, with experience you may become an owner or manager as well though this work is messy and requires a lot of patience in return of little pay.

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Dog Grooming

Many people are beauty conscious. They like beauty in everything around them. Such people who keep animals want their pets to be look different, unique and attractive. You could serve them by becoming a dog groomer. If you have aesthetic sense and you love dogs you can become a good dog groomer. But to become a professional you should have working experience with some expert. Professional dog groomers are hired to style dogs for photographs and every day comfort. They are considered as cosmetologist like a make-up man for a model. They make dogs look smart and smell pretty. There are also dog grooming schools to learn specialized techniques and styles. All you need is a love for art and dogs.

Dog Shows

Dog shows are held all over the world and are viewed and participated by people with full enthusiasm and interest. Organizing or participating in dog shows is a whole new world for dog lovers. This requires deep love and true understanding of this sport. You can either be a handler or judge depending upon your knowledge and expertise.
Handlers are paid to handle dogs at shows. They are responsible for handling and presenting dogs in their best possible way. The main aim is to win a title for their dog. However to become a judge requires superior knowledge of all kind of breeds and be capable to evaluate dogs to the finest details. To become a successful dog show professional is not easy. It requires years of experience and dedication. This work is quite time demanding and in the beginning the income could be unstable.

Dog Shows3

Pet Supplies

Dog owners are usually interested in quality products which they can use for their dogs. They are offered with lots of choices about dog food and other accessories for their dogs. With minimum experience you can work in a pet store and learn about all kinds of dog products. This in future will help you to bean effective pet supplier with all the necessary information and you can start your own business of dogs supply. This career has one drawback which is to spend less time with dogs in order to concentrate on your business.

Public Services

Being a professional in dog services there are several ways to work with dogs to help and serve humanity. It can be a selfless and rewarding experience. You can join police or military force and work with dogs for several operations. Similarly search and rescue dogs are trained to find lost people or property. These dogs are teamed with humans and usually live with humans. So despite being a dog lover you can use your skill for the benefit of people.

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