Can Your Dog Be a Sales Specialist? Comparing Sales Training with Obedience Training

Can Your Dog Be a Sales Specialist? Comparing Sales Training with Obedience Training

We all think that our dog is super smart! They listen to us, they’re there always for us; and to them we’re their whole world. The unconditional love provided to us by dogs can never be compared to anything! As the joke goes, a man locked his wife and dog in a car trunk for hours, when he opened the trunk, guess which one was happy to see him? Seriously, though, dogs are truly known as man’s best friend for a reason. No other creature or person can give you the same unconditional and non-judgmental love that your dog will give you.

Dogs are also some of the smartest animals on the planet. What else can you teach a seemingly pointless game of fetch to? But really, dogs are smart and compassionate. You see police dogs, guard dogs, seeing-eye dogs, therapy dogs and emotional stability dogs everywhere. They make you wonder how smart can that animal really be. Dogs have been known to save people’s lives on many occasions. How would the dog know their owner is in trouble? Dogs have a very strong sense of intuition. So believe it that dogs are smart, intelligent and of course, fluffy!

There is one more thing that dogs can do. This may strike you as very odd, but you can train your dog to sell products. It isn’t as difficult as it sounds, either! The logic behind this is that your dogs can make really good salespeople because they have many of the same qualities we look for in a sales guy. So first things first, let’s think about what makes a good salesperson.

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What Makes A Good Salesman?

Sales people are what make a company work. If the salespeople cannot sell the products to their target audience, how can the company make profits and become bigger and better? Salespeople are one of the corner stones of any successful company. There are certain things that a sales man needs to have in order to become good at his job. The first is the right attitude. A sales man needs to have a happy, energetic attitude with the ability to get over failure and reluctance. They need to be great listeners, instead of being great talkers. As listeners, they can learn what problems their customer is going through and how they can fix them. They should also be intelligent and quick-witted! When you think it over, don’t dogs share quite a few of these qualities?

Why Dogs Can Sell

The dogs can work as salespeople! Well, why not to name them as sales “DOGS”, because they have all the qualities it takes. The sales training; people get it for a sales based job and the obedience training is provided to dogs. Both kinds of trainings are based on the same fundamentals. They’re both learning what someone needs from them and how they can fulfill this need. In fact, it is quite certain that if dogs could speak and operate in our world, they would be excellent salespeople! There are many traits that dogs learn and handle in obedience training that make them suitable to be sales dogs.


Dogs Have Great Listening Skills!

Dogs are great listeners. For sure there’ve been many days where you’ve felt the blues hit you with full force and have wanted to stay curled up in the covers. Your dog would have nosed its way into your bed, and then into your heart by just being there. You could tell your dog whatever was bothering you and he or she would listen to your problems without any judgment or saying “I told you so!” They have the ability to stay quiet and listen to you for hours, and they can tell when you’re upset or in need of something! They’re very sweet animals. They have the ability to listen to commands and respond appropriately!

Dogs Are Extremely Smart!

Dogs are brilliant, to say the least. That is why, instead of any other animal, dogs are trained for jobs like police work, drug recognition, therapy and blind people. They know how to save people from burning buildings, they can sniff out everything from drugs to bombs, and they make amazing companions for people suffering from diseases like cancer or anxiety. Therapy dogs are truly a miracle. How can an animal know when someone is upset and in need of a little love? Seeing-eye dogs are the smartest in the world. They can even notice road signs, traffic lights and recognize and differentiate between sounds like TV and the smoke alarm!

Dogs Are People Persons!

For sure you can honestly say that your dog is a more people person than you are. Dogs make friends very easily and love to be around people. Some dogs, of course, are not naturally social, but once introduced, they become fluffy bundles of joy! This is also a major trait of salespeople. If you can’t understand people, how will you convince them to buy things from you?

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Dogs Are Bursting With Energy!

Dogs have a lot of energy, especially when they’re puppies. While growing up, dogs start to become a little more mature and slow down, but no matter what the age, a game of fetch will always bring about a lot of energy! This high energy is an asset every sales person wishes they could have.

Train Your Dog the Right Way

Though there are many obedience schools you can take your dog to, first you need to know their weakness. Dogs have a bit of an inability to focus. Of course, with the proper training, this problem can be taken care of. To train your dog the right way at home, use plenty of treats and make the training sessions small. A long training session will bore and tire your dog, and he/she may start hating the treats too! Instead, use short sessions and plenty of encouragement! Your dog will be following your orders in no time!

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