Buying for a New Puppy

Buying for a New Puppy

When you decide to adopt a dog, you can expect to share your home and life with someone who brings you great fun, love and companionship. You will want to return this same sentiment with food, shelter, and all of the necessary supplies to care for your new family member.

How will you know what to purchase so that you will be well-prepared and capable when your four-legged friend arrives? Here is an easy list that will help you get ready for your new puppy, all of which will make him comfortable and happy in his new home.


Shopping for Your Dog

Before your puppy arrives, there are some necessary investments that every dog owner should purchase, in order to provide top-notch care and safety for your canine. Below you will find a list of basic necessities to refer to when shopping for your new fur baby.


  1. Lead and Collar


Even if you decide against going for walks during your puppy’s early stages, you will still need to purchase a lead and collar to train your dog. Once your dog is comfortable wearing these items, you have established yourself as the leader and training will be much easier.

If you have a very small dog, such as a small terrier or toy breed, a harness can also be beneficial to training and safety, making it easy to protect your puppy’s delicate neck. Most harnesses will offer locations for important owner information and Identification tags.

Many owners have decided to opt for a soft nylon and leather adjustable collar to keep their new puppy safe. You will need to adjust the collar so that it is loose enough to slip two fingers between the collar and your puppy’s neck, and check it frequently as dogs grow very quickly.


  1. Dog Food and Pet Food Bowls


If adopting your new companion from a reputable breeder or pet store, continue feeding your new puppy the same dog food that he is accustomed to. This will help by making your dog feel more welcome and secure, creating fewer changes in his diet to promote a healthy digestive system. If your dog’s diet requires a change, do so gradually by mixing the new dog food in with the old, little by little, until the transition to healthier diet is complete.

Your dog’s veterinarian will help by ensuring the dog food you choose contains the right protein, carbohydrates, fats and natural fibers needed for a healthy and active lifestyle. For ease of feeding, choose a heavy-bottomed ceramic or stainless steel food dish and water bowls for your dog rather than a plastic bowl, which can be a haven for bacteria.


  1. Grooming Supplies and Kits

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Grooming should begin from a very early age, helping your puppy to develop good grooming habits that will make your job much easier when he grown. More than just untangling the coat and making your dog look well-kept, grooming also adds to the bonding experience, reminding the puppy of being back with his mother.

You will need all of the basic grooming tools such as dog shampoo, conditioner, brushes, comb, nail clippers and a dryer, to name a few. It may be beneficial to also purchase a grooming kit, toothbrushes, toothpaste and the necessary flea treatments for your dog.


  1. Dog Toys


Toys are designed to make your puppy’s play time and training sessions more fun and functional. There are many choices to be found in local pet shops, and even greater dog toy selections are offered online. The most popular dog toys include rings, balls, slings, tugs and Frisbees, depending on your puppy’s preference.

For example, if your puppy likes to chew, you may want to consider purchasing rope toys, hard chew toys, rawhide bone chews and dental chew toys, all of which are all good designed for low to medium grade chewers. Occasionally, dog toys are also great sources of entertainment when your dog is in the mood for some quiet snuggle time. Additionally, soft toys often squeak or make other noises that will help capture and keep your dog’s attention.


  1. Comfortable Dog Bed


Providing a comfortable dog bed is an important purchase for the comfort of your new four legged companion. Select a style that is well-suited to your pet’s lifestyle, age, and overall temperament.

There are five types of dog beds to choose from, including bolster dog beds, dog mats & resting pads, nesting dog beds, orthopedic dog beds, classic dog beds and travel dog beds. No matter which kind of dog bed you choose, opt for one that is the right size, easy to clean and thick enough for maximum comfort.


Items to Spoil Your New Puppy

Once you have purchased all the necessities, there are plenty of other great things available to help you spoil your new furry family member. Here are some of the more popular purchases that can help make your dog special, comfortable and safe.


  1. Dog Clothing


More and more dog owners are beginning to realize the many ways that dog clothing offers great benefits, including warmth and protection from the elements. Because of the increasing number of colors and styles, you can find dog jackets, dog raincoats, doggie t-shirts, dresses, boots and sweaters.

If you want your dog to be a comfortable and snappy dresser, you should measure your puppy before purchasing dog clothing. Keep a close eye on your growing puppy, replacing dog clothes as soon as they are outgrown.


  1. Dog Accessories


Just as people have their own favorite things to make an outfit really ‘pop’, there are numerous dog accessories available that were designed to increase your dog’s style for a great fashion statement. Like dog clothing, dog accessories do not limit your puppy’s range of movement, offering light-weight movements for dogs with suave and savvy owners. 

  1. Dog Carriers


If you plan to travel with your dog, whether it is across town or across the country, you will need a dog carrier. It is important to measure your dog’s height to make sure the carrier you choose will provide the greatest level of comfort for your puppy. A good quality dog carrier will be sturdy, with reinforced straps and a double lined base. The dog carrier should also offer features that make your puppy comfortable and content, such as soft padding, washable liners and easy openings. If your dog is rather large and heavy, you should consider the purchase of a hard carrier equipped with wheels.

  1. Nutritious Dog Treats


All dogs deserve an occasional treat, as these small rewards are a great way to show your dog a little extra love. Treats can also provide the motivation your dog needs for obedience and training, helping you to encourage his good behavior. You can purchase gourmet or organic dog treats, or choose those which offer dental benefits from a doggy bakery. You can also ask your veterinarian about the right kind of treats to offer your pet. If your dog is healthy and eats a well-balanced diet, the occasional healthy treat will enrich his life.


  1. First-Aid Supplies


Every person who shares his home with a dog or puppy should have a basic pet first-aid kit on hand. You can purchase your doggy first aid kit from a pet supply store or online pet store. Buy any additional items suggested by your veterinarian to add to the first aid kit, specifically for your pet.

For example, your dog first aid kit should include glucose paste or corn syrup for diabetic dogs, or for canines with low blood sugar. For your family’s safety, keep all medical supplies and medications out of the reach of both children and dogs.

Wait until your new pet has arrived before you begin shopping for a first aid kit and supplies. This is best because some items, such as food dishes, water bowls, dog collars and pet harnesses all depend upon the size of the pet you will be adopting. Once you have selected your puppy, please make the necessary preparations to ensure that, as an owner, you take your job very seriously.

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