Bathing Schedule of Your Dog in Different Weather Conditions

Bathing Schedule of Your Dog in Different Weather Conditions

As much as dogs hate bathing, it cannot be denied that it is really important for them. While some people leave their dogs dirty but it is how they promote unhygienic and unhealthy environment. Just like humans, dogs too need to bath otherwise they start stinking and develop a flee infestation. Dogs may be proved difficult at bath time, but with proper strategy and training, bath time problems can be easily combated. By training them to expect some fun or treats after the bath, you can take the reluctance out for your dog at bath time. The harder you work with your dog, the better it behaves at bath time.

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After your dog gets over his initial reluctance of bathing and you fall into a routine, the next step is to consider the weather conditions of the place where you live. Depending upon the weather conditions, you should decide how often you should bath your dog. If you live in a place with generally cool weather conditions, the baths should be less frequent, and even more care has to be taken of the dog. On the other hand, hot and humid weather demands more number of baths, no matter how much your dog hates it.

Winter Care and Bath Time for Dogs

Winter demands a lot more care as well as caution for your animal. Depending on the type of fur your dog has, you should take appropriate winter care. Some people even put on sweaters after bathing their dogs in winter, which is actually not a bad idea. Winters can be very harsh; hence your animal requires more attention and care than any other season. The breeds with longer and shaggier fur are meant for the frigid weather, so they do well anyway. But, you should still avoid bathing them a lot, since their fur will take time to dry up, and it becomes an added nuisance to manage and dry the heavy fur.

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If your dog is more finely lined, then you have to be extra careful. Give him a bath and dry his skin thoroughly with a warm towel. Later, quickly dry him with a blow dryer. Keep the water really warm while washing him. The most important thing to remember is that you must arrange baths indoors in winters. This is more comfortable for you as well as your dog. Another tip for cleaning your dog is using thick towels dampened with warm water. This is the way your dog stays clean without being in danger of getting sick in the harsh winters.

Summer and Bathing

If you are living at a hot place, then it is easier for you to keep your dog clean by giving him regular baths and this is the best part for you to enjoy. However, the problem still exists if your dog doesn’t like to bath.

But the thing is that it becomes even more important to bath if you live in a hot place. This is not only because you want to keep your pup clean but also for his better health. As humans sweat, so do the dogs, but combined with their drool the dog stink very awfully.

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Health Problems in Summer Due to Lack of Bathing

Flees are a common problem in humid conditions, and the infestation can be devastating. There have been cases where the hair or fur shed off while leaving hairless and bloody patches of skin due to serious flee infestation. There are medicines and lotion for treatment, but these are chemically concentrated and hence usually harm the natural luster and smoothness of a dog’s coat. So it is better to bath your dog regularly instead of using such medicines and lotions.

Another more serious condition that dogs develop during summers is moist dermatitis. In layman terms, they are also known as hot spots. Although they are curable, they can be very painful and upsetting for your dog. It is a skin infection, which causes the skin to start damaging due to bacteria. It happens due to sweat and dirt remaining on skin, and the heat causes the place to blister and fill up with pus. Since dogs have a habit of licking anything that disturbs them, that worsen the condition by doing so. Soon, pus starts to ooze from the blistery skin, and the area becomes scabby and hard, accompanied by loss of fur from that patch. Frequent bathing and proper drying in summers can avoid painful conditions for your dog.

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Necessary Precautions for Bathing Dogs in All Seasons

Remember, taking anything to extreme in any weather will be harmful to your animal. To keep your dog healthy, a perfect balance has to be created. Now, in winter, some people do not bath their dogs at all. This can be dangerous, since winters do not stop the dog from rolling around in dirt as well as drooling over themselves. Agreed that a bath is needed less frequently in winters, it is essential nevertheless. So, you should bath your dog at least once a month, in warm and cozy indoors.

There is a vice versa situation in summers. People either bathe their dogs too much or not at all. Bathing your dog too much can dry out its coat and rob the natural shine of fur or hair. Therefore, depending on your dog’s breed, which determines what kind of fur or coat he has, your pet’s bath times should be scheduled. To have a perfectly healthy dog, a perfect balance and some wisdom is required. No matter what the season is, a bath is necessary. Too much or too less can both be harmful to your dog. Dogs are lovely creatures and very loyal. They are fiercely protective towards their owners. So, it is even your responsibility to return a portion of love and affection by taking proper and thorough care of your dog. The more you care for him, the more he will love you.

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