Are You Going to Pet a Bulldog? – Get Ready to Face Challenges

Are You Going to Pet a Bulldog? – Get Ready to Face Challenges

If you are one of those who want to fuel the trend and proudly show off their pampered designer dogs then French bulldog is one of best toy dog which can fit in your purse. Since last few years selling of pugs increased to great extent.

Dogs with enormous eyes, pointy ears and very flat nose are known as French dogs. These dogs were result of cross breeding between bulldog and local ratter in 1800s. Also known as “Frenchies” and “pig dogs” in common language and their biological name is “brachycephile”. They are small in size which makes easier to keep them inside the house. Their Playful and affectionate behavior can melt anyone’s heart. Beside all these characteristics they can be threat to your credit card and patience.
Cute Looks- Buy or Not to Buy

People often buy them due to their handsomely cute appearance but later abandon them due to expensive medical treatment and behavioral problems. There are Behavioral problems because people treat them more like a toy and less like a pet. They are not even allowed to learn normal dog behaviors. It’s very necessary to know little information about any dog before buying to keep as a pet.

There are few vital problems regarding this breed which one must go through.

Health Problems
“Pugs are packed with problems”, one of bulldog’s owner said while visiting a Vet. To have these dogs, is massive responsibility. Due to its small skull and flat noses, they are often unable to breath. Apart from this, due to the folds of skin on their faces, they can become victim of different infections easily.

Most of the defects are congenital. Breeders of these dogs often provide the bitches with Zinc and Vitamin B6 to lessen the chances of having midline diseases in puppies. Hemi vertebrae – a range of congenital defects of the vertebrae are observed in the short French Bulldogs. These are very frequently observed affecting the chest and usually do not result in severe kind of spinal cord deviation. It may appear to be the cause of many major issues at later stages. Puppies which are short bodied have this defect more than longer bodied puppies. This hemi vertebra is not very common and comparatively low incidence can be seen. But one should have X-Rays of their dogs to know what the level of hemi vertebrate is. If it’s detected then special treatment should be provided to the dog.


Another problem is bone disorder, which is Hip Dysplasia, Knees, Stifles and Back Problems. These disorders mostly occur in old age.

The bulldogs have flat nose thus giving them cute and innocent looks but this cute flat nose becomes a problem for them too. Flat nose causes very noisy breathing and heavy snoring in these breeds. This can be treated by removing soft palate which will allow free passage of air to lungs. Surgery will lightened the weight of your pocket but it also makes your nights peaceful, Hurray!

Heart diseases also occur but these are very rare. These issues occur in old age and seldom require any medication. Thyroid also occurs in this breed, having low but significant percentage. Symptoms can be hair loss, thinning of coat, low fertility and obesity.

Other than above mentioned diseases, skin infections also occur. One of this is grass allergy where dog will bite and chew their feet.

Epilepsy appears very low in this breed but seen higher incidence in male dogs. Talking about tumors, well these French Bulldogs are not high on the tumor lists and usually not under 8-10 years. Most commonly seen tumors are Homogenous sarcoma, Skin tumors, Bone tumors and mammary tumors.


Reproduction Problems

The French Bulldogs has overall a good fertility rate but several problems often occur in reproduction like whelping, which results in caesarians of old bitches. Male dogs also sometimes suffer from cryptorchidism but it happens not is very often. The Frenchie is on the whole, a reasonably healthy breed and lives between 12-16 years of age and usually has a good old age with minimal diseases.

Behavior Problems

Apart from health issues, Frenchies have very uncertain temperament. They are usually affectionate and loyal. They are easy going and can easily be spoiled. If not taken good care of, they can spoil your living style as well. This is the point when it becomes really freaking out in controlling these dogs. Some of the fascinating facts regarding bulldogs are listed below. Have a look:


• Due to their short size, they gain weight quickly. They need daily exercise otherwise, they will be lazy all day and sleeping.
• They have very stubborn nature. While training, owner should stay firm and patient.
• If you don’t bother mess then French bulldog is the Dog for you, otherwise you should be looking for some other breed.
• They don’t bark very much but they snore too much.
• It’s very important to have eyes on French bull dog while they are with your child but the French bulldog should go easy with children.
• They like to be the center of attention. They can cause behavioral problems if ignored badly. So one needs to take time to offer company to this breed. So one can say that these French bulldogs demand quality time.
• This is not the breed which you can keep outside. If you have swimming pool and a French bulldog, well then you will have to stay alert all the time because French bulldogs are not good swimmers and will possibly drown.
• The most irritating problem of this breed is Gassiness. You cannot buy French bulldog if u can’t tolerate pungent smells. Choice is all yours!
• They are usually the laziest among all the breeds. You will find them sleeping very often. That is why they need proper and daily exercise. You need to take time out for a walk with your French bulldog.

Before buying French bulldog, all these aspects should be kept in mind. You should prefer to have a puppy of bulldog and this is the best to avoid many problems.
Happy petting!

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