Advantages of Training the Dog in Exciting and Entertaining Manner

Advantages of Training the Dog in Exciting and Entertaining Manner

Training a dog can be a crucial thing for both, the dog and the owner. As it is not that easy to communicate with the dog, one has to be very patient and calm all the time in order to keep the environment friendly all the time. Like the human beings, dogs also get bored of the formal training sessions and look for the change in their routines. They never learn the things in strict and disciplined environment all the time. They want some time for recreation as well even during their training session. This is why, we have to entertain them with some fun tricks as well meanwhile they are being trained in accomplishing different tasks.

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How to Make Dog Training a Fun?

People can take many steps in making the dog training fun not only for the dogs, but also for the trainers as well. People can use different techniques and can come up with various approaches in order to make the training session funny and full of entertainment. Following are some of the tricks and approaches to make the training of dog a fun time.

Shake Hand

You can teach your dog how to shake hands in an exciting manner. You just need to call up the dog by his name. You have to take out your hand and have to bring it near to your dog. Hold the paw of the dog from the other hand saying “(dog’s name) lets shake hand”. Lift its one paw with your other hand and hold it with the one that you brought forward. Now shake it gently and say “well done (dog’s name)”. In this way your dog will think it as something interesting to do and will try to do it on its own. Repeat this activity many times to make your dog experienced in this. Do give him a treat in the end as a reward.

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Toss a Treat

You can make your dog learn how to jump over and catch the treat in the midair. You have to bring a treat near to the dog’s nose and say “stay”. If it tries to eat it then stop it for a while. Then toss it into the air and ask your dog to try to catch it. If he fails to catch it in midair and take it off the ground, then repeat the action again and again unless he learns the technique to catch it. Must praise it on accomplishment and give him a treat.

These are some of the activities that dogs can learn and feel exciting in doing them. People can ask the dogs to do this during their regular training sessions in order to bring the element of fun in it.

Keep on Changing the Place for Training

To train your dog all the time in one place only, can become boring and less exciting. If you keep on changing the location to provide the dog with training then you can make this thing exciting not only for you but for your dog as well. Try to use different venues for the training of your dog. If you have given him the training classes in the lawn, then take him to the backyard on second day. Take him to the parks and on walks as well in order to change the training venues. By doing so, your dog will be able to learn the various techniques not only in your home, but also in different surroundings. It will bring some confidence in the dog as well.

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Get Some Time off from Regular Training Session

Do not keep on training the dog all the time in formal way. Make it flexible and friendly as well. This can be accomplished by changing the venue, exercises, and approaches of the training. By doing the same thing again and again makes it boring for the dog. When an element of fun and flexibility is introduced in their training sessions, it becomes more exciting, fruitful, and quick for the dog to learn new things. Try to teach something new to the dogs as learning new things keeps the people high spirited all the time. In this way, you can make your dog’s mind receptive and active all the time.

Bring the Dog into Competition

This thing introduces the spirit of getting the best position. You can take your dog to the friend’s house or can ask your friend to come over along with his dog. You can challenge your friend at anything in dog’s exercises and can have a competition between the two dogs. In this way, your dog tries to learn new things to beat the other dog. A competition between the two dogs of same species make the dogs learn more quickly to beat each other in every competition. In this way, they not only do the exercise in front of you, but also try it on their own to get the experience. This makes the dogs learn new things all the time with perfection and accuracy.


Advantages of Breaking up the Obedience Session

When you train your dog in funny way or bring an element of fun in your training then it comes out to be exciting and entertaining for both the parties. Not only your dog is ready to learn the new things all the time, but also the trainer feels it exciting to do. A regular training session with obedience makes it boring for the dog and sometimes for the trainers as well. By training the dog in regular intervals of the fun makes the people to train and teach the dog along with providing them with fun at same time. In this way, you can keep the environment exciting as well and it becomes easier for you to train the dog in an efficient manner. Moreover, it keeps the dog happy as well and strengthens the bond between the dog and the owner. This is the reason why you are always suggested to train your dogs in an exciting and funny way to make them a perfect partner for you when you are alone.

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