Advance Obedience Training for Your Pup in a Fun & Effective Way

Advance Obedience Training for Your Pup in a Fun & Effective Way

When you’re thinking of getting a new dog, you cannot think past the adorable fluffiness and the cute little things your pup will do. What most of us forget is that those adorable little puppies are also bundles of endless energy and he or she will tear your home upside down. Therefore, they need a better alternative for something to do with their energy and time as opposed to chewing through the rugs and furniture. Though you can take your puppy out for walks and play with them, generally, they still need other outlets for their endless bounciness.

Problems Faced By Dog Owners

Every dog owner is faced with a few problems, no matter what age or breed your dog is. You may have noticed that your puppy often strains against his leash when you take them out for walks, as though they’re the ones leading and you’re the ones following. Other things you may notice include incessant barking, unreasonable aggression towards certain people and, the most bothersome, chasing after everything from a feather to a squirrel during a walk. Another problem is that your puppy may not be giving you any space, but running around and smacking into you as you work. Though this may seem cute at the beginning, as your dog grows, you will notice that, it is becoming a habit, and a problem.


What Is The Solution?

The solution to the above mentioned, as well as any other problem you may be facing can simply be termed as obedience training! Yes! Obedience training is the most effective way of teaching your dog basic as well as advanced tricks. Now you can teach your dog that you are the master and he must follow your orders. Otherwise, for those who have seen the movie, or read the book “Marley & Me”, you know what the outcomes of an untrained pup can be!

Obedience Training Styles

There are two major ways to give your dog obedience training. You can take your dog to an obedience class, or you can train him yourself at home! There are many fun exercises that you can do with your dog so that you can train and teach him how to be good, follow orders, and even do some tricks! No matter what type of training method you choose, remember to start the training when your dog is young. As a dog matures, he will become more and more set in his ways and the bad habits will be difficult to break. The most important things to remember while training your dog is to have plenty of treats and plenty of encouraging words on hand. This ensures effective training.

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Basic Obedience Training

Basic obedience training includes commands like “Sit”, “Down”, “Come”, “Heel” and “Stay”. You can teach these to your dog quite easily. The common method used is the reward method where you hold the treat in your hand, move your hand so that the dog follows the treat while giving the verbal command, and then, when he does what you need him to, he gets the treat. When you do this repeatedly, the dog will start to associate the verbal command with the action and the treat, and will become an expert at these tricks in no time!

Advanced Obedience Training

Advanced obedience training includes more sophisticated and complicated training methods, such as teaching your dog to see a gesture or hand cue and act on the command, without you having to give a verbal command. You can teach your dog to do this in a very simple way:

1.First, after your dog is used to the verbal cue, hold a treat in your left hand, and with your right hand make a gesture as you say the word, like “sit”. Once your dog sits, treat him and praise him lavishly.

2.Now, after a few more times of combination of gesture and verbal cue, try the gesture alone. If your dog sits down at the gesture, treat and repeat the exercise.

3.If your dog doesn’t respond to the gesture alone, make the gesture first, and then say the verbal command. Your dog will learn to recognize the gesture and you will be surprised at how quickly he picks up on this!


Another form of advanced obedience training is teaching your dog to do something specific. This may include teaching him to get the daily newspaper from the yard, or how to ring a bell so that he can go outside. This also includes intricate tricks such as jumping through a hoop or dancing! The steps are the same for this type of training as well. You need to teach the dog to associate doing a certain thing with a certain consequence of that action.

Dogs are extremely smart animals and you will be surprised at what you can teach your dog to do. If you have any doubts, look at police and fire rescue dogs. With proper training and a lot of patience and practice, those dogs have been taught to do amazing things! So why can’t your dog do the same? No matter what breed your pup is, you can always teach him something new, something fun, and something useful.

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Things to Remember While Training Your Dog

A few things to remember when doing obedience training with your pup are as follows:

Dogs have a bit of inability to focus, especially as puppies. So, do not make practice sessions long and tiresome. Your dog will begin to associate training with something tiresome and you will not get good results.

Make sure the sessions are short and frequent. Taking long breaks in between are not a good idea as your dog may forget what he has learnt.

Have plenty of patience. Training a dog is hard work. That is why obedience schools have such high fees. Stay patient and stay focused! Also, have plenty of treats on hand!

So there you have it. Training your dog is not as daunting as you would think! You too can teach your dogs to do amazing things and be very well behaved. Good luck!

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