A Halloween Treat for Your Four Legged Friends

A Halloween Treat for Your Four Legged Friends

The festival of Halloween is basically an occasion for children and adults to dress up as witches, ghosts or monsters to scare the spirits away. It is celebrated one evening before All Saints Day, on the 31st of October. Those, who love to disguise themselves in scary outfits, buy similar masks, dresses or costumes for their pets too, and attend Halloween parties which are organized to celebrate this day. So as Halloween is just a couple of months away, pet owners must be searching the stores for a right costume for their pets. Halloween is the best time of the year when you can dress up your pets in a hilarious and comical fashion, and have fun with them at various parties.

There are various Halloween costumes for your pets, ranging from the typical monster and skeletons to vibrant rock stars and the lively movie actors. You can even match your costume with another for your loving cat or dog. Sometimes you can also team up with your pet in a couple outfits. You favorite dog or cat is already cute but just imagine what it would look in a Halloween costume? It would be great attending a Halloween party with your pets scampering around in fancy and cute dresses.


1. Sailor Costume for Cats

Dressed in a sailor cap and collar will make your furry pet look so sweet and ready to sail through the rough seas. The kitten cat sailor uniform has a cape and an adjustable hat alongside. Sometimes this two piece outfit for cats can also look great on small dogs. This luxurious ensemble is best for parties and pet shows.


2. Dragon Dog Costume with Hood

You can dress up your pet in a red outfit which gives the look of a dragon. The hood can be worn or snapped down. This sweat shirt style dress can be worn easily. The dragon costume includes spikes, wings and tail made from a soft material. In this dress your pet is ready to rock at the Halloween party.


3. Pumpkin Costume for Pets

Pumpkin outfit for Halloween is really adorable for your pet. It is orange in color like a pumpkin with green stem and leaf on the hood. It is a one piece dress made of plush material and is really comfortable for your small pooch or kitty. Your little puppy will look amazing wearing this costume and will certainly win the hearts of many. The eyes and mouth stitched on the outfit offer the real Halloween look.

lion wig with ears

4. Lion Wig Costume with Ears for Dog/Cat

This lion wig is ideal for a cat or a small dog such as a Chihuahua. The wig is supplied with ears and will be able to fit around the neck of your pet easily, and will also match with fur shade of your pet. Soft furry material has been used to make your little friend look really cute and ready for the Halloween party.

lion wig

5. Lion Mane Wig Fancy Dress Costume

Your pet is sure to look like a little lion wearing this lion mane. This is best suited for a big dog such as Labrador or a German shepherd. The color of the Mane has been made to match your pet’s fur. It is available in all sizes and is sure to fit in the neck of the dog quite comfortably. He is sure to look fierce like a lion and will be the centre of attraction at the Halloween party.
6. Animal Shapes Costumes

Ii is going to look great on your little pup or kitty. Complete with eyes, ears and nose, this one piece outfit is going to fit snugly on your four-legged friend. It is sure to make your little pup look delightful. The material is soft and comes in a variety of animal dresses like Panda, Horse, Bear, Crocodile and many more. These costumes can best fit small dogs and also cats. Try it if you want to bring smiles on the faces of your loved ones.


7. Bumble Bee Costumes for Your Tail Wagger

This is simply a comfortable dress for your pet. It includes a yellow and brown bee striped shirt complete with an antenna head band, and small wings. This amazing costume will make your pet buzz in merriment, and make you smile at the same time. This dress is best suited for Dashshunds or any such small dog.


8. Batman Pet Costume

You can make your puppy into a super hero by selecting this batman costume. It usually comes with a cape, a headpiece and a belt. All these attachments make this dress really appealing. Some of these batman clothes also include armor like dog shirt with gauntlets .This can be got in all sizes and can be worn by both cats and dogs. Along with this batman costume, a bat girl costume is also available at the stores.


9. Butterfly and Fairy Costume for Dogs

This ethnic and beautiful costume is just right for little dogs. They will literally look like little angels with wings. The butterfly dress is usually multicolored with colorful wings. You can even select a fairy costume that comes in yellow and purple with a little purple flower as a headband. Wearing all these attachments, your pooh is sure to look like a flirty butterfly or a lovely fairy busy running all over the place. A Maltese being a lively, playful and docile dog will look best in a butterfly or a fairy outfit.


10. Police Dog Costume for Your Pet

Your dog will look so adorable in this outfit. Though he will not be able to arrest you or put you behind bars, he will definitely be the centre of attraction wearing this blue police uniform. A matching belt and hat with police accessories like a walkie-talkie, hand cuffs and a badge are also included as accessories. People who buy this police dog costume also usually buy a canine prison pooch dress to go with each other. Now your pet can patrol on the streets wearing this impressive dog costume.

america captian

11. The Avenger Costume

Your lovely pet can be dressed up like the Hulk. Here you can dress up like an American Captain to complement your pet. The Avenger costume comes in many different types and your furry friend will look great in any of them. In fact, a Pitbull will look majestic dressed up in an avengers’ costume.


12. The Wicked Wolf and Red Riding Hood

This unique headgear will give your canine a very ethical look. You can match a red cape to appear as Red Riding Hood to create a perfect fairy tale. This costume can be suited for Halloween as well as for any other fancy dress occasion. You can use accessories like goggles or some chunky neck piece to give it a fancy and branded look. The bad wolf look will suit big dogs like a bull dog or a Labrador.

Apart from the above costumes, you can get a large variety of different costumes which are so attractive that you can barely resist buying them. For cats we can get the Actual cat in a hat, Hello Kitty, Vampire kitten, cat dressed up like a horse and the list is endless. Even for dogs you can choose from hundreds of options. There are several online stores, such as Dogloveit, selling these amazing costumes for your four legged friends. All these stores supply fancy outfits in various sizes ranging from small to large and extra large. Availability is also in different colors and you can choose the accessories you want to go with the dress. At Halloween or any other festivals you can get amazing deals while ordering and buying these adorable pet costumes. Your lovable pets dressed in any funky outfit can really make your day. But while buying a dress for your dog or cat, we must make sure that whatever costume we are buying should be extremely comfortable for them. Even the accessories and head gear should be cozy and snug. IF your pet is uncomfortable in the attire then it will spoil the entire show.

Authored by: DogLoveIt