8 Exceptional Christmas Gift for Dogs

8 Exceptional Christmas Gift for Dogs


Christmas day is all about family and friends, celebrating those you love with special gifts chosen from the heart. In the excitement and sentiment, it can be easy to forget that your dog senses the excitement building in your hearts and home, and doesn’t want to feel left out.

But, don’t worry – choosing a fun and functional Christmas gift for your dog doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it can be a lot of fun! As you add decorative touches to your home, you may want to adorn your four legged friend with festive attire too! Imagine other people’s excitement when they spot you taking Santa’s little helper for a walk to the park.

As you prepare Christmas gifts and stockings for your children, remember that your furry companion may also appreciate a stocking filled with goodies. Make your dog part of the celebration! After all, your canine is family too! Below you will find eight exceptional and affordable gift ideas for dogs.



Christmas Dog Dresses, Dog Coats and Shoes


Dog clothing, especially dog dresses and coats, may very well be the most popular Christmas gift ideas on the internet. There is no shortage of adorable and attractive dog clothes available online in sizes to fit even the smallest or largest dog. Your canine companion can be dressed up as Santa, an elf or even a reindeer, making your dog completely irresistible this holiday season.

Not only is dog clothing adorable and fashionable, but these designs can serve a valuable purpose. Keep your canine warm and dry during the cold winter months with a dog coat, or choose a waterproof jumper to keep him clean and dry during daily walks. Even on a snowy winter day, your dog can enjoy the happiness of exploring the outdoors with a set of dog boots or shoes.




Christmas Plush Dog Toys


If you are looking for a great canine Christmas gift idea, consider a Christmas plush dog toy to keep things festive and chase away your dog’s boredom. With so many new and interesting things being brought into the house, it is important for your dog not to feel left out. Choose a safe and interesting toy to put in your dog holiday stocking, and watch the fun begin.

Be sure to choose only quality toys featuring soft plush exteriors to protect your dog’s mouth and teeth from being injured. Choose colorful Christmas plush dog toys that your pet will love, being careful to avoid those with small buttons or ‘eyes’ that could become a choking hazard. Many toys are also equipped with squeakers which will easily capture and hold your dog’s attention. Every pooch deserves a Christmas plush toy in his holiday stocking.


Christmas Dog Balls


It is no secret that dogs love to play with balls, especially brightly colored and festive ones! A Christmas dog ball will make an exceptional gift idea for your pampered pooch, as he can play fetch or chase a ball for hours without losing excitement. Your dog is significantly well-behaved when he is happy and entertained, rather than bored or lonely.

This is a truly a Christmas gift that dogs of all sizes and breeds can enjoy, as canines seem to never getting tired of this game. If your dog is teething or loves to chew on things, balls provide a safe option for dog owners. Because dogs love them so, balls should be monitored often and, for optimal safety, replaced at the first sign of distress.


Christmas Neck Wear for Dogs


There are many reasons that owners often purchase festive and colorful neckwear for their dogs. If your dog doesn’t like wearing clothes, neck bands are a great alternative. Dog breeds with a thick double coat or owners who live in warm or tropical climates may find that, while dog clothing is too hot, neck wear is just right.

Christmas neck wear is also highly convenient for dog owners, as their pet can go from bare to fabulous with just a snap or a buckle. Like fashionable doggie duds, you can easily show off your dog’s personality with fashionable neck wear. Whether you want your doggie to look debonair or cleverly disguised for pennies on the dollar, this is an exceptional gift idea for canine family members.


Christmas Dog Collars


Show off your darling doggie with a Christmas dog collar and watch as he melts their hearts! There’s nothing cuter than a dog that’s festive and full of personality. Buy a special holiday collar for your dog that will easily attach to your favorite leash, or purchase one that matches! Either would make interesting and adorable Christmas gifts!

Before purchasing a Christmas dog collar, you will want to measure your dogs’ neck for the appropriate size to ensure proper comfort and fit as well as safety. Usually, you can check by making sure that two fingers will fit comfortably between your dog’s neck and collar, for a good rule of thumb.



Christmas Dog Bowls


When you are enjoying a traditional Christmas dinner with your family, shouldn’t your four legged relatives also enjoy a tasty feast from a new Christmas dog bowl? Choose from a wide assortment of festive Christmas bowls imprinted with words and pictures and words relating to Christmas. While your guests may not notice the small details, you and your dog will be thrilled!

As dog bowls become more and more worn out, bacteria can hide in the chew marks and crevices, making this a perfect choice for gift-giving. Best of all, you will have no difficulty finding Christmas dog bowls in all sizes from small to large.



Christmas Dog Treats


Dogs love receiving delicious treats and snacks from their approving owners, and Christmas is no exception to the rule. If it’s all you can do to refuse your dog’s begging eyes, you should probably have some treats on hand at Christmas time, which is known as the season of candies and chocolates.

You should also keep some Christmas treats on hand because table scraps, sugary foods and chocolate should never be given to your dog. Other than your pet’s daily dog food, Christmas dog treats are certainly a dog’s favorite. Use them to praise his good behavior or as a way to say ‘I love you’.


Christmas Dog Mats


Dogs should not lie on the cold, hard floor, especially in the winter when houses are often chilly and full of drafts. Remember learning that heat rises in school? This is important to remember when thinking about your dog’s warmth and comfort. Choosing a comfortable and cozy Christmas dog mat can make your dog feel loved while offering him a good night’s sleep.

Christmas dog mats also help by providing insulation and support for healthy dog joints and bones. While Christmas mats have the same functions as the normal dog beds, these are designed to help celebrate Christmas with your four legged canine.

Christmas is a time for sharing and caring, and those thoughts of good cheer should include your faithful and loving canine companions too! As guests enter your home and delicious food is passed around, remember to dress your doggie in festive attire and keep some special Christmas dog treats on hand.

As the family gathers for the annual Christmas photograph, bring your dog into the picture to show off his exciting Christmas spirit. When you have purchased the perfect gifts for your dog, your photograph, and the holiday season, will be even more memorable.



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