8 Best Dog Beds – Get One to Offer Comfortable Sleep to Your Dog

8 Best Dog Beds – Get One to Offer Comfortable Sleep to Your Dog

Every living being needs sleep to function properly and so do the dogs. If your dog is unable to sleep comfortably, he would not be able to spend his day in a refreshing way. Sometimes dogs can get uncomfortable due to the level or size of bed due to which they can have problems in sleeping. At times a hard bed for dog can result in muscle fatigue and bone problems in dogs. If your dog does not have a comfortable bed to sleep, he can become angry or frustrated too and can indulge in unwanted behavior. Having a proper bed for sleeping should be regarded as one of the basic needs for any dog, thus if you have a dog or maybe planning to have one, then you must have a suitable bed for him.

Why Do You Need a Specific Dog Bed?

There are plenty of types of dog beds that are available in market. You can buy one that fits for the condition of your dog. There are different types of beds that are actually different from each other according to their function. Here we have accumulated the list of the best dog beds that are available in market so you can choose the one that is right for your dog:

common dog bed

1.Common/Standard Beds for Dogs

These beds are the most common ones. These are pretty simple ones and are padded or cushioned from below in order to provide a smooth surface for the dog to sleep. These are not very high so the dog can easily sit on the bed or can lie down while sleeping. These beds are available in market in different sizes. You can choose the one that is suited for your dog’s length. These can be filled with foam or polyester balls as filling. They have washable and easily removable covers in order to clean them. Some of them have special detoxifiers in the padding to keep the odor and lice away.

2.Nest Beds for Dogs

These are shaped as nest as the name suggests. These are pretty famous and common too. These beds have a high edge and dog can feel being nestled in the bed. These are really comfortable as they provide support, comfort and security from sides to the dog as well. These beds have ridges at sides which make them ideal for a dog who loves curling while sleeping. So if your dog prefers curling while sitting or sleeping then you can buy this bed for him. These are easily available and are not very costly too.

nest bed for dog

3.Donut Like Dog Beds

These are really cute beds that are designed by keeping in mind the comfort of dogs. These beds also have a ridge at the side of them but it is round and soft in this type of bed. The donut beds are filled with foam and polyester cuttings in order to make it really soft. If your dog loves sitting in comfortable places then he will love this bed for sure. These are really cozy and comfy at the same time. This bed is highly appropriate and suitable for young dog that has an active routine. Dogs which are really active can easily relax their muscles by sitting on this kind of bed.

4.Exclusive Orthopedic Beds for Dogs

These beds as the name suggests are designed for the dogs that have bone problems. Sometimes in older age the dogs can develop orthopedic problems due to which they can feel pain and discomfort in the body. These beds are specially designed in order to help and support the bones of dogs with orthopedic problems. It helps them in pressurizing the sore spots and fatigued muscles. These also help in preventing excruciating pain due to misbalance of joints while sleeping. Thus if your dog is diagnosed with some problem related to bones then this is the right kind of bed to buy.

Orthopedic Beds for Dogs

5.Hut Shaped or Covered Beds for Dogs

These beds are the ones that can give your dog all the coziness and warmth that he wants while sleeping. As these beds have a roof as well so they become really heated and comfy, thus they are best to use in winters. If you have a small dog then he will surely love this kind of bed as these beds are mostly smaller in size.

6. Raised or High Profile Beds for Dogs

These are true state of the art beds that are designed for dogs. If you want to give your dog a pretty and classy bed then a high profile bed is the right choice. These are raised and have a back along with sides made of wood or metal. These sides are of various designs depending upon the type you choose. These also help in keeping the dog away from the direct heat or coldness or floor that can easily seep through a mattress of any other bed. Along with that a dog can be safe from the harm caused by insects if his bed is a raised one. These can be a little costly as they have wood carving or metal designs on their sides.

High profile bed2

7. Specialized Heated Beds for Dogs

These beds are best for dogs who want to add a little warmth to body when they want to sleep. If you think that your dog does not have enough warmth for sleeping then you can simply turn off the heat mechanism in this bed. These beds have a heating system installed in them which provides warmth according to dog’s temperature upon turning it on.

8. Specialized Cooling Beds

These beds are opposite of heated ones. These have specialized system installed in their mattress that provides enough cooling to the dogs. In case of hot summers you can buy this bed for your dog in order to provide him comfortable sleep. These help the dogs to relax and have a great time.

So you have a number of options when it comes to buy a bed for your dog. Knowing the nature of your dog helps you a lot to buy the most appropriate kind of bed for him.

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