7 Most Common Dental Diseases for Dogs – How to Prevent?

7 Most Common Dental Diseases for Dogs – How to Prevent?

Having pet is rewarding and a wonderful experience. The best thing about having a dog is that it is always there for you. A dog is always a loyal friend and can make people happy. He makes the owner laugh. Playing with dogs can make a person engaged and active. Having pet can keep a person away from depression and loneliness. Children who grow up with pets are more responsible and compassionate.

Responsible Dog Owner

Dogs are unmatched in their friendship and loyalty to mankind. Owning a dog is a big responsibility because they depend on us. Dog ownership entails a lot of commitment, time, energy and money. A person should make sure that the dog suited his lifestyle.

Train Your Dog

Dogs take time to adjust properly. For the well being of dog proper training is required. Training enhances the mental stimulation of dogs. A comfortable place is the foremost requirement for dogs to take rest. Owner should teach a dog from the beginning to adopt the appropriate behavior.

dog having salivary cyst

Monitoring Dog’s Health

Monitoring dog‘s health is very important for the proper growth and development. It is responsibility of owner to regularly monitor the health of dog so the dog could be mentally and physically strong.
Following steps are important to monitor overall health of your dog:

To ensure continue good health exercise is very important. Taking the dog for a walk and playing with him can keep him physically strong.
A proper diet that suits the dog size and activity level is important. Therefore make a proper food schedule for your pup.
Regularly bathing a dog is good for dog’s health and it is also important to have clean environment, both for the owner and the dog.
To prevent dog from harmful diseases vaccination is important.
Keep the dog’s nails short so dog could comfortably sit and move around. It will also help to avoid any possible injury on his feet.
As the dog ages, his needs of diet, sleep and other activities change. So he should be provided everything to ensure good health.
Poor dental health could trigger many health issues in dog. To prevent dog from dental problems and tooth decay, clean his teeth on regular basis. Introduce your dog to a toothbrush.
To prevent the obesity in dog give him a balance diet and make him to do plenty of exercise.
To maintain good health you should have a proper diet and exercise plan for your dog. Set up schedule with the veterinarian for the regular checkups.

swollen Gums

Dental Diseases in Dogs – Warning Signs

Dental diseases can be life threatening for the dog. It has potential to destroy dog’s internal organs as well. Following are the warning signs that indicate you that there are issues and you have to be careful about the dental health of your dog:

Bad Breath with repulsive odor
Tartar or plaque buildup
Excessive drooling when attempting to eat
Loss of appetite
Red and inflamed gums
Loss of appetite and weight loss
Uncomfortable when touching any mouth part
Discolored and loose teeth
Bleeding from mouth and mouth sensitivity
Difficulty in chewing
Lost interest in chew toys.

periodontal Disease

Common Mouth Diseases

1.Periodontal Disease: It is an inflammation of tooth’s deep structures. It’s very painful infection results in tooth loss. In this disease the infection spreads to the rest of the body.

2.Swollen Gums: When the tartar and plaque builds up the gums become swollen. In this case food stuck between the teeth. Regular brushing can eliminate it.

3.Gingivitis: This disease is evidence by the reddening of the gums. It is mainly caused by the accumulation of plaque and disease producing bacteria. Common signs are red swollen gums and bad breath. It is considered an early stage of periodontal disease.

4.Proliferating Gum Disease: In this condition gums grow over the teeth. It can further lead to gum infection so it must be treated with the antibiotics.

5.Salivary Cyst: In this condition fluid filled bristles are form under the tongue. Blisters also form on the corner of jaws. Drainage is the possible solution this kind of issue.

6.Halitosis: It is derive from Latin word halitus meaning “breath” and osis means condition. Bad breath caused by the bacteria produce from food particles or by gum infection.

7.Canine Distemper Teeth: It is related to human measles virus .It occurs if dog distemper as a puppy is. In this teeth are decayed and removed by the vet.

Improving Dog’s Dental Health

Tooth Brushing: Brushing dog’s teeth is the best way. Mouth wipes could also be use for this purpose. Human toothpaste is not good for pups’ teeth. There are specially designed toothpastes for dogs or you may use homemade toothpaste as well.

brush your dog's teeth

Breathe Test: If dogs breathe is with a repulsive odor that has the potential to be damaging teeth, gums and internal organs.

Dental Treats: Providing pup with chew toys can keep their mouth clean. Pets that chew toys, dental treats and bones can improve their dental health. Chew toys like Havaball Chew Toy.

Fruits and Vegetables: Feeding dog fresh fruit, herbs and vegetables are excellent way to clean teeth. It really works to freshen the breath and also stimulate gums. Parsley as a treat could freshen their breath.

Coconut Oil: To eliminate bad breath coconut oil is used in their foods. A handful of organic coconut oil is added in their food that reduces mouth bad smell in dogs.

Tartar and Plaque Removal: Tarter and plaques build up on dog’s teeth due to bacteria and food particles in teeth. This can lead to receding gums and gingivitis. Proper brushing with tooth paste or using soft gauze can remove the plaque.

Homemade Dog Treats: Homemade dog biscuits and dog treats help clean away the plaque. Adding cinnamon can eliminate the bad breath. Cinnamon is non toxic to dogs.

Flip-a-lip: Lift a lip up and look at dog’s teeth .Gums should be pink and white. If bacteria accumulate at gum line it causes accumulation of yellow and brown tartar on teeth .Gums become red and disagreeable smell would be present in pet’s breath.

Know about Mouth Disorders: You should know about the mouth’s disorder that could possibly affect the dental health. If the symptoms are there consult the vet for treatment.
Physical exam just like human beings is recommended for dogs as well. If there is major mouth disorder, consult the vet doctor for possible treatment. Consult your veterinarian about vaccines to determine which vaccine is best for your dog and how often you should use it. Core vaccines for dogs may include Distemper, Canine adenovirus-2, Canine parvovirus, Rabies.

Take care of the teeth of your dog and help him live a healthy life!

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