5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Away from Being Hurt or Killed

5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Away from Being Hurt or Killed

Did you just have a new addition to your family (and by new addition I don’t mean a baby, but a dog)? If yes, then you are at the right place. While expecting a baby, the parents try to get as much information on baby grooming as possible and even after the birth they try not to miss anything to incorporate in their baby’s training. In the same way, you need to know about the training of the dogs that you have decided to make part of your family. Once you have adopted a dog it’s your responsibility to take care of each and every of his need. You should be ready to face and come over any critical situation encountering the dog.

Dangerous Tennis Ball for Dogs2

My World Revolves around HIM – My dog

The biggest and the most common mistake that people make is, once they buy or adopt a new dog, they start praising him and leave no stone unturned to make him happy, and in some unique cases the devotion is so extreme that a person even ends up ignoring their family members. People try to give all sorts of comfort to their dog including lots of good quality food, bed to sleep on, couch to sit on, every toy he lays his eyes on to play with and lots of freedom. The result, on the other hand, is quite undesirable as it makes your dog wedded to all these luxuries thus confusing his mind because you just can’t continue to give him everything he desires for.

Spoiling the habits of your dog is same as spoiling the habits of your child and I think I don’t need to mention how a spoiled child becomes a nudnik. Dogs are pack animals and they recognize the pack system and they always look for a leader to be commanded by. You need your dog to recognize you as the leader whom he can listen to and obey. If your dog doesn’t find a leader in you (as you were too busy acting and showing him tricks), he will become a leader itself and then forget about him being obedient to you. Dogs are different from humans and we should stop treating them as human. To them, security is more important than love. So a bunch of hugs and kisses would neither do any favor to you or your dog. You need to teach them not only to love you, but also to respect you.

Keep the Leash Away

Your Dog’s Life is Vulnerable

Now here comes the most important thing that most of us never think of taking into account. We love playing with our dogs, we love to teach them different tricks and try to make them joyous by providing different things; most commonly the pet toys. We completely forget that these toys that we are providing our best friend to play with can be hazardous. Most of us are unaware of the fact that the dogs like infants are at a very high risk to be exposed to toxins. Well, talking about dogs, then we all know that dogs are instinctive to chewing everything they get their hands on. So whenever handing over a toy that you assume to be safe think twice whether if it really is harmless or not. Now you’re going to find out how to avoid the situations and things that can harm, or in severe cases, kill your dog without you knowing.

5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe and Away from Being Hurt or Killed

The scariest thing here is that it’s not anyone else poisoning your best friend but you yourself:

Dangerous Tennis Ball for Dogs

1.Keep Your Dogs Away from the Tennis Balls

The first thing that we love to teach and play with the dog is fetching a tennis ball and, to be honest, dogs love this game too. You enjoy throwing off a ball and then your dog is fetching it for you on just a single name call. But behind this enjoyment there is a greater risk hidden. You might not be aware of this but a tennis ball consists of a very high content of lead and other perilous chemicals. And as we know dogs have to fetch these tennis balls in their mouth so, they are directly exposed to the toxic chemicals in it which can cause canine lead toxicity leading to vomiting, weight loss, anemia, seizures and permanent neurological damage. Moreover, your dog can also choke onto a tennis ball as with the help of strong jaws it can compress a tennis ball which if swallowed can cut off a dog’s air supply causing immediate death. So to avoid any such kind of situation buy your dog a lead-free ball which he can lick without any threat. Try to keep your tennis ball away from the dog (or else take on the habit of fetching your ball yourself).

2.Try to Control Your Gardening Partner

It’s commonly seen that people take their dogs with them when gardening. You like your dog’s company, but you forget that the stuff being used for gardening can be really harmful to your dog’s health. While you are busy watering your plants or mowing your lawn your dog can risk his life by ingesting a fertilizer or a pesticide that you were about to use on your plants. These pesticides can become a cause of your dog’s death.

So, if you don’t want to risk your dog’s life it’s better not to bring him outside for gardening. On the other hand, if you are really eager to make him your gardening partner make sure all the poisonous stuff is out of his reach.


3.Keep the Leash Away

Most dogs take their collars for a toy and start chewing on them. During the walk, when the leash becomes loose they start nibbling on it as their pacifier. Similarly, when they find their collar off their neck they start playing with it and end up biting it into pieces which can result in choking. So in order to evade this, when you come back from the evening walk with your dog and take off his collar, you should carefully place it somewhere where your dog can’t reach. You can also try replacing your dog’s collar with a chew proof collar. Another way to avoid this is by training your dog to relax at the sight of the leash instead of getting excited. It’s a hard but very effective process and will require a lot of positive enforcement.

4.Buy Your Dog Healthy Chew Toys

Chewing and licking habit of dogs cannot be expunged completely. But there is a way to safely deal with this issue by getting your dog the healthiest toys to munch on. The best option is to get real marrow bones from butcher as these bones are completely free from additives and synthetic chemicals. A raw marrow bone is what a dog can enjoy munching on for hours without being exposed to any risk. The only thing to be taken care of is the size of the bone. The bone shouldn’t be too small for your dog to swallow and get choked. Believe it; your dog will love this idea.

Chewable Toys

5.Get into Your Dog’s Shoe

Your house is stuffed with things that can be proved life-threatening to your dog. You need to take a view of your home from your dog’s eyes. You need to get each and everything out of your dog’s reach that can prove fatal for him. Children ’s stuff toys, string, yarn, rubber bands, and movable toy parts are easier to swallow. Hence interaction of your dog with these things may cause intestinal blockage for him. Similarly, insecticides, medicines and dog allergic food contain harmful chemicals that can all be toxic to dogs. So you need to be careful and keep an eye that your dog doesn’t come in contact with above mentioned things.

Getting your dog well trained and forming a strong bond with him shouldn’t be all you look for. Dogs are just like kids who require special care and it’s your responsibility to protect them. Everything in life is full of risks. Fearing the risks will just make you coward but facing them and intelligently managing them is what will make you successful in life. So you can’t refute your dog the joy of playing and strolling everywhere with you just because of the risks involved. You just need to be extra cautious and take care that no such thing happens that costs your dog his life. All you need to do is to continue playing safe!

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