5 Most Silly Ways to Dress up Your Pup

5 Most Silly Ways to Dress up Your Pup

Most of us like dressing ourselves in a way that looks alluring. We love experimenting with our looks to get into the most preferred style. So, why miss out your four-legged friend when taking on a stylish look to leave people enthralled? Why not to experiment with the look of your dog? Why not to make your dog feel the same way you feel while getting dressed up for a special event? Here you’ll come to know some of the ways to dress up your dogs. But first, let me tell you, the techniques that I’m going to mention, might sound inane, but, to have fun there’s no harm going absurd.

1.Tiger Costume

Let’s play a pun and mess with people’s mind. Turn your dog into something that freaks people out. Buy your dog a nice tiger costume, paint its face with brown and black stripes and get ready to bamboozle people. Walk down the streets with your new pet (tiger cum dog) that people would get scared of.

Tiger costume

Reaction of Other Dogs towards Your Dog in Tiger Costume

We all know how humans would feel seeing a tiger rambling around the streets, but other dogs’ reaction to your tiger look-alike dog would be of great interest. Most of the dogs would certainly mistake it for a real tiger and would try to remain as far away as possible. Considering your dog as the king of the jungle, they would feel all sorts of danger and insecurity. On the other hand, some of your dogs’ friends might recognize it by taking a sniff and they would be wonderstruck seeing their friend in a completely different avatar. Awed by the new look of their friend they would feel a sense of deprivation and would certainly want their owners to get them the same exhilarating look.

2.Cowboy Look

You love to get dressed as a part of a culture and that’s how you find satisfaction. Now, it’s time for your dog to become a part of Anglo-Hispanic culture. A large hat on head, the wild rag scarf tied around the neck and long boats is all your dog need to take the heroic and macho look of a cowboy. And if it’s cold outside feel free to wrap a rugged cowboy poncho around your dog. So, get ready to make your dog go retro.


Does Cowboy Look of Your Dog Fascinate Other Dogs?

Your dog making a fashion statement in a cool and hip cowboy look would definitely make the other dogs feel down casted. The rich macho look carried by your dog would make your dog feel proud and confident which would certainly impact the other dogs around. Other dogs would try to copy the captivating look of your dog anticipating the same classy clothes and boats for themselves. Moreover, while you take it for a walk, the trendy appearance of your dog might attract a good looking dog (of the opposite sex) and that interaction might give a start to a doting love story.

3.Superhero Costume

Super dog! Doesn’t that sound interesting? Yes, it is. Dress up your dog in a blue and red Superman cloak and let your dog rock the world. A black Batman costume with batman’s classic ears studded on the head will just make your dog look like a stunning character from a fictional movie.

super hero

Are the Dogs Jealous with Your Superhero?

Your dog portraying one of the heroic characters of a super hit movie would definitely leave people musing. The chic look of your super dog would become one of the most talked about topic of the neighborhood. Whether it’s the swanky look of the adventurous Superman or the ritzy look of the bravado Batman, your dog would not be passed by unnoticed. The phenomenal attention obtained by your dog would not only make your dog feel astonishing but would also make the other dogs feel envious. These jealous dogs, without any doubt, would wish for a master like you who can turn them into a completely different personality.

4.Doctor Dog

This is the craziest idea that you can try on your dog. Now your dog can also take up the look of a professional. Get your dog a white coat and dress it like a doctor. Don’t forget to wrap a stethoscope around its neck. There you go. Now you have a doctor in your house, let’s take a medical advice!

doctor dog

Find the Patient for Your Doctor Dog

Your wise looking dog in a doctor’s ensemble is what will make people overwhelmed. Every passing by stranger would be stunned by the professional look of your doctor dog. Lets say this for fun that wouldn’t be a surprise if someone brings in their sick pet for the medical checkup from your dog. A beautiful dog would make the perfect patient for your handsome Dr.dog.

5.Vampire Dog

Now here’s a crazy way to make your dog look scary. Vampire dog (yes, you heard it right) a blood-thirsty creature is what will make you and others terrified. A black cloak, red ribbon around the neck and long scary fangs is what you need to make your dog look like a blood-curdling creature.


Does Your Vampire Dog Scare Other Dogs?

A four-legged vampire strolling down the streets would definitely make people petrified. But the fun part is, not only humans, but their species’ mates would also be traumatized for a while. Other dogs would surely take your dog for an alien creature which would scare the hell out of them until or unless your dog talks to another passing dog in their dog-secretive language and give them the surety of its species.

Don’t forget, your pets enjoy the attention the same way you enjoy. So going off routine and doing something crazy to make your dog feel special and make them the most talked about hunk of the street, is what you need to do once in a while. If you and your dog find it worthy then don’t abstain from going silly. Dress up your dog in these silly ways and make others astounded.

Authored by: DogLoveIt

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