5 Best DIY Techniques to Dress up a Dog Marvelously

5 Best DIY Techniques to Dress up a Dog Marvelously

There are millions of the people that have the different types of the dogs in their houses due to the amusement that they get from this animal. Dogs make your life charming when they are fully trained and are used as the personal butler for many different chores. However, by keeping a dog in your house, you undergo an agreement or self-imposed contract that bounds you to fulfill the dogs’ needs as well. For this purpose, you do not only have to provide them with nutritious food and shelter, but also the costumes to make them look beautiful. You have to dress up your dogs with different costumes in order to protect them from different weathers.

Why DIY Costumes are Preferred for Dogs?

There are not as large numbers of the shops and stores that sell the dresses and clothes for dogs as they should be in the market. This makes these fewer sellers to earn great profits by taking advantage of this monopoly. Moreover people have to travel for the long distances in order to get to a shop for the dogs’ clothing. In such conditions, people can utilize the option of DIY dresses for the dogs that make it easier for the owners to dress up the dog without exerting much. According to the size of the dog and its measurements, people can dress the dogs in the way they want them look like.


Here are some of techniques for the best DIY dresses for the dogs:

1.Turning Sleeves into a Shirt for Dog
All of us get our shirt old and torn out after some time. We can utilize these outfits for the dresses of the dog instead of disposing them off into the garbage. We can utilize the sleeves of a full sleeve shirt for the top of the dogs. For this purpose, we need scissors to cut the cloth with, measuring tape to get the measurement of dog’s size, and the stitching equipment for stitching. You have to take the measurement of the dog for the accurate size. You can measure it along the back from the bottom of the neck to the start of the hips. Then you have to measure the length from the neck to the front legs, then from the front button to the belly. Based on these measurements, you can cut the sleeves of your shirt as per size of the dog. Then you can keep the margin for the holes for all four legs. Bu putting the button in the end, you get a top for your dog.

2.Utilizing the Outgrown Baby Sweater for Your Dog
Due to the extreme weather conditions, it becomes necessary for you to cover your dogs as well to keep them safe from the hazardous weather changes. However, a sweater for a dog may cost you 30 to 40 dollars which is too much to spend on. You can bring into the usage, sweaters of your baby that are outgrown now and are of no use. After taking the accurate measurements, you can turn the sweaters of your baby into a winter sweater for your dog.


3.Using Socks for DIY Dressing of a Baby Dog
What if you have brought a baby dog to home and now you are required to cover him up with a proper dress? Yes you can make it happen very easily. For the baby dogs, one would be surprised to hear that even socks can be utilized. As a baby dog has a very small size, so why do we need to waste or cut our large clothes? We can make a dress or covering for our dog by utilizing the socks that are used to keep the feet warm. Taking the advantages of their utility, one can make a sweater for the baby dogs easily by cutting the socks as per size of young dog. Then these cuttings are stitched according to the cutting pattern and can be used for the jackets or coats of the small dogs.

4.Scarf of Dog Out of the Towels
We all use towel of different sizes every day to dry our bodies. These towels are needed to be replaced soon due to the different levels of the qualities. However, we can make the scarf for our dogs out of these towels. These scarfs can be wound around the neck of the dogs that keep them not only warm but also make them look beautiful.


5.Making the Bottoms or Skirts Out of Shirts
There are many girls that use bold and beautiful colors for their dresses and designs. They keep on changing their designs that require from them to change the dress ultimately. These girls can utilize these bold and colorful tops for the bottoms and skirts of their dogs. This can be achieved by taking the exact measurements of the dog and cutting our cloths according to the size of the dog. One can do it easily after getting the size of the dog with the help of measuring tape.

Advantages of DIY Dresses for Dogs

Although one would not be looking to study for the advantages associated with the DIY dressing of the dogs after this whole above mentioned discussions. Still here are being summarized some of the advantages of the DIY dressing of the dog. One can easily find out the dresses for the dogs without having him or her to go to the market and to search for the dogs’ accessories provider. Secondly, these dresses turn out to be less expensive for you and people can easily afford them as all that they have to find is a disposable dress. They can easily utilize the dresses that have gone outgrown to them and to their young ones. These dresses can be brought into usage for the DIY dressing of the dogs. In this way, one can not only provide the dog with the beautiful attire but can also provide them the protection from the harmful effects of the weather and environment. So, you must look for the DIY techniques for the dressing of your dog.

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