4 Safest Kinds of Toys to Buy for Your Dog

4 Safest Kinds of Toys to Buy for Your Dog

Every dog owner wants his dog to be friendly and playful. We all know that dogs love to play thus dog owners tend to buy different toys for helping the dogs to have the most fun filled time. The dogs can use different toys to perform various tricks and to play in different ways. These toys tend to offer a great time and many health benefits to a dog. The toys can help dogs to socialize and to have a wonderful exercising time. Experts have stated that each dog needs various kinds of toys in order to play in a free manner. According to the experts it was seen that every toy has a different purpose and you can use toys to teach different things to your dogs as well.

However you need to be much cautioned while buying toys for your dog. You must keep in mind the type of dog and his habits while buying any new toy for him. There are hundreds of brands of dog toys in market but all of them are not suitable for a dog’s health. Thus you must research while buying any new toy for your dog as a wrong one can harm in a very dangerous way.

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There are some crucial aspects to keep in mind regarding the safety of your dog while you buy the toys for him:

The toy should not be painted with harmful paints, as the dogs tend to chew or tear the toys. Harmful paints can contain toxic ingredients that can be really harmful for a dog’s health.
You must take a look at the size of the toy that you are buying for your dog. If the toy is really small in size then there might be a danger for your dog to swallow it up. A small toy can cause choking hazard, thus you must buy a toy that can fit in dog’s mouth.
Do not buy very soft and fluffy toys for your dog. As the dogs tend to tear the toys apart so the soft toys can be torn pretty easily. A dog can easily engulf a torn cloth or torn part of toy that can be harmful too.
Never buy a small ball for a dog as it can choke him and can cause death. Some people tend to offer tennis balls to the dogs for their play time. This activity maybe dangerous too as a tennis ball can be torn easily by a dog and can eventually be eaten too.
Many toys that are available in the market for dogs are found to be made of hard plastic. You must never buy a toy made of hard plastic, because if broken, its pieces can go in dog’s stomach. These pieces can cause stomach obstruction or bleeding in abdomen causing death too in risky cases.
Do not give or buy toys with sharp edges. As dogs tend to chew on things, thus these toys can cause cuts on their mouth and tongue which can be really painful for dogs.

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Safest Toys to Buy for Dogs

Here we have developed a list of some safe toys which you can use for your dogs. You can make use of this list for buying something for your own dog.

1.Rubber Toys
Always go for buying rubber toys when you choose one for your dog. The rubber that is used in these toys should be of high quality. Always look for the type of rubber that is used in these toys. If these are made of new material then it means that it is safe for you to use. You can rely on these toys for not having any kind of toxic chemical in them. Also make sure that they do not have awful colors or a strong odor which can be rejected by the dog.

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2.Big Rubber Balls
Always buy rubber or plastic balls that have air outlets. This makes these toys easily squeezable balls. These kinds of balls can be easily chewed by dogs and they will surely love to play with these. Make sure that you choose a ball that is made of high grade plastic and is not made of recycled one. Avoid the type of balls that can be easily torn as they can cause choking.

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3.Soft Toys
The soft toys can be used for providing comfort to the dog. Some dogs love to carry soft toys with them or they love to snuggle with their soft toys. For that purpose you must buy a toy for your dog that is neither very big nor very small. The big toy won’t fit in his mouth and the smaller one will be dangerous. A smaller toy can be ingested or swallowed accidently. Thus having a proper sized toy will not cause any of this damage to your dog.

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4.Bone Shaped Toys
Dogs love to chew on bones. Real bones can damage the teeth of your dog and may cause different diseases as well. So it is better to buy rubber bones or bone shaped ropes that can be used by dogs. These would not tear due to their sharp teeth, nor will they break on application of pressure. These are one of the best kinds of toys that you can offer your dog. These are long lasting and can endure the excitement of your dog in his play time too.


Thus finding a good toy for dog is a quest in real. However finding a safe toy for your dog is a real work that needs loads of concentration and carefulness. Thus if you are interested in providing a good and healthy life to your dog, you must insist on buying safe toys. These toys will help your dog to play and to learn many things without the fear of hurting him.

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