10 Reasons that Pit Bulls Are Ideal To Be Pet

10 Reasons that Pit Bulls Are Ideal To Be Pet

Anyone wandering out with their pit bull will have more chances to get an odd eye than to be appreciated. Pit bulls are believed to be aggressive but the truth has been spoken even in an episode of animated series, The Dragon Tails, that dragons tell how their master trains them. Then why not it is related in case of dogs? So, trainers are those who should get bad rap strange looks not the Pit Bulls.

Here are some reasons why Pit Bulls are ideal to be a pet:

Cute Pit Bull

1. The Smartness of Pit Bulls Lure Everyone
Pit Bulls tend to be smart in a way that they don’t need to be repeated for their scheduled activities. Either its time to walk or sleep, once they have done it on time they are not going to forget like your family who needs to be reminded again and again. They are meant to be your true friends as they can understand what you want from them merely by your looks. The smartness of this marvelous creature doesn’t end here. Pit bulls are smart in problem solving as well. They can figure out in seconds how to get on to the kitchen counter or behind the oven just for a small thing which interest them. They also are loved because of their flexible adaptability; they adjust in new situation very soon.
Hope you are not jealous of your Pit Bull being smarter than you!

2. The Healthy and Already Groomed Nature of Pit Bulls
Pit Bulls are genetically healthy dogs and easy to maintain. Their short coat doesn’t take much time to be bathed and brushed. They are low-maintenance; it doesn’t mean they don’t need to be bathed!Moreover, isn’t it exciting to imagine that your dog reminds you of your work out! They are not obsessed with exercise but no doubt, they can motivate you for it. Pit Bulls are athletic!

Pit Bull 2l

3. Pit Bulls are Lovers
Pit Bulls do not discriminate among human at any cost. They love, love and love people. Their kisses often remind us of their lovely nature. All they care for is to please you. There is no other reason why they are also known as “Nanny Dogs”. They can take care of your children as well. Does your family mop floors showing their love to you? Pit Bull does! They take care of mess a lot and you don’t need to pull out broom every time.

4. Loyalty of Pit Bull is Unmatchable
When you own a Pit Bull, you make a friend for life. They might disappoint you in guarding you as they are human friendly dogs but when you need healing, it is always your dog! Pit Bulls are famous as “therapy dogs”. Whether they are attending injured or someone with emotional setback, pit bulls are always the exceptional therapy dogs.


5. Pit Bulls Love to Cuddle and Hug You
Not every day you have companion to dispense your hugs especially when you need it. But your pit bull is always there for this. Even the most athletic pit bulls sometimes exhibit very sedentary behavior. They also have craving for hugs and cuddle. Its difficult for them to realize their size but they don’t hesitate to come in your lap for it.

6. Pit Bull can be Charlie Chaplin and Love Parties
You don’t need to be worried if a lot of guests are invited to your house or you are invited somewhere. You can easily take your pit bull to your peers as they love gatherings as they get more laps to sit in! Just like human beings, all dogs have individuality but pit bulls are exploding with personality traits of a gentleman. They are extreme fun and unimaginably hilarious and this increase as they get old.


7. All Pit Bulls Want is Your Approval
Pit Bulls are eager to serve their favorite people and in response they just need their appreciation. Pit Bulls are thirsty for attention and approval. This is why it is complex as well. People with bad intention can use this intense thirst of appreciation with whatever they want. But off course, you can ask yours to mop the floor as many times as you want.

8. Pit Bull Can Be a Better Romantic Partner
You expected your better half to know you have changed your perfume and all you ended up was in mere disappointment? Well, not to worry. May be its time you should start expecting this to your Pit Bull! Yes, Pit Bulls are the best dogs with sense of smell. They have also been used as Bomb-sniffing dogs.

happy pit bull

9. The Best Reason to Own Pit Bulls as Pet – They Smile
Ever wondered about having instant fun coming home after a hectic day? Here is it then! If you have a tough routine and you need to be fresh instantly when you come home, Pit bull will be there to welcome you. Their big smile and lolling tongue will result a big chubby smile on your face however tired you are.

10. Pit Bull is Owned by Whom?
Well, not every person is right to have pit bull as a pet. The trainer should be very strong and energetic to address this level of strength and energy also they need to be very good leader.
And do you know, Brad Pit owns a Pit Bull!

Authored by: DogLoveIt

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