10 Reasons Why You Should Pet a Dog But not a Cat

10 Reasons Why You Should Pet a Dog But not a Cat

Pets are all adorable and lovable. Some people love to choose cats as their pet while others prefer having a dog rather than a cat. The rivalry between these two pets is undying. Cats and dogs can never be friends. People who own cats have different characteristics as compared to the ones that own dogs. According to recent research, 59% of the people preferred having dogs rather than cats as they consider them more trustworthy. The debate of which one amongst a cat and a dog is better as a pet is never ending. However, bellow are stated 10 reasons why dogs are better to have as pets rather than cats.


1)The Enthusiasm

There is no doubt in the fact that we all love to play with our pets. However, people who have dogs as their pets tend to have more fun as compared to those who own cats. No matter you can play hell of loads of games with your cat but dogs play games with much more enthusiasm and spirit! Cats are more fun to play the indoor games whereas you can play indoor as well as outdoor games with your dogs. They are just adorable and you can take them in parks to play hide and seek. Throw a ball at a long distance and they will find it with a great amount of eagerness every single time. Your dog will keep you amused for hours. They play with not only adults but also love to be engaged with kids while playing games. Cats on the other hand play for only a limited amount of time and then hide into their basket for a long time.

2)No Need to Clean Those Annoying Boxers

The biggest advantage that the owners of a dog as a pet have that the cat owners cannot claim is the level of ease which they experience when their pet has to pee. There are separate boxers for pets in which the animals attend the call of the nature. They are mostly designed for the cats and they use it whenever they need to go to eliminate. This might annoy the owner of a cat whenever he/she would have to spend money in buying a new boxer for the cat. The dogs on the other hands are a lot more well-mannered as they go outside the house whenever they need to pee. They never make the house filled with that annoying odor of the pee and let their owners have a peaceful life.

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3)Cats Throw Tantrums

Let’s just be clear on one point, cats love to throw tantrums. Whenever a person owning a cat changes his location and moves from one apartment to another, accepting the change is quite difficult for the cat he owns. She tends to stay quiet and silent for days that depict her annoyance. Cats hate to move from a place they are comfortable at and its hard for the owner to move to a place that is new to them. Dogs on the other hand are just like boys and love the change. They not only accept a sudden change in their lives but also deal with it with quite a high spirit.

4)Cats Hate Holiday Destinations

When you need to go on a much-needed vacation, your cat would wish just opposite. A cat would be infuriated if you take her on a holiday whereas a dog would love it and act quite sportingly.

5)Dogs are Defensive

One major difference that makes a distinction between a cat and a dog is that a dog would do anything to protect you whereas you will have to do everything to protect your cat. It is true that cats require more care and affection whereas dogs have a free nature and do not want that much of care. A cat has a protective nature whereas a dog has a defensive nature. Your pet dog will take care of you and will protect you no matter what. He will be on front and will make sure you stay safe and secure. However, a cat will run and hide in her basket whenever she will sense danger.


6)Cats are Selfish

Cats have a selfish nature and tend to get instantly close to anyone who feeds her good food. Therefore, if you own a cat you must stay concerned as your cat may breakup with you and might go to someone who feeds her better. You have to stay insecure all the time. On the other hand, dogs are always loyal to their owners. Dogs are always known for their sincerity that they show to their owners. No matter what the condition is, your dog will always stay close and genuine to you.

7) Cats Make You Fat!

On a lighter note, if you own a cat, you are likely to get fat soon. The reason is that cats love to stay calm and stay in a basket, and will not want to get out of the blanket. During colder seasons, they would love to sneak into a comfy bed along with the owner. You would also prefer to stay in the bed and keep on filling your belly with food. On the other hand, dogs are always fully enthusiastic and excited. They will force you to play with them and that would definitely help you staying fit and healthy.

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8) Cats are Dumb

Training a cat is extremely difficult and time taking. You can say that cats are a little dumb and do not pick up the lessons early. Dogs, as we all know are easier to train. They love to play tricks with their owners and while playing the tricks they learn new things quite easily. Dogs can take command easily and love to comply with the orders of their masters.

9) Cats are Introvert

Dogs love to socialize. People who are extroverts love to pet dogs. They prefer to own dogs because they are always on high spirits.

10) Cats are Lazy

Cats can be regarded as lazy creatures when compared with dogs. Their bodies are mostly covered with fur that makes them even more slow and steady in their everyday activities.

Authored by: DogLoveIt